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Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.

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I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.


bad people shouldnt be allowed to have clear skin or good hair or nice jaw lines or green eyes





i don’t want to believe that he is real 


do you ever put on a really nice but kind of daring outfit and at first you’re like “HELL YEAH” but then you look in the mirror a few times and start being like “hell…  yeah….” and then you turn to the side and adjust the top and frown and be like “aw hell” and finally just change into like jeans and a tee bc one day you will wear that rockin outfit but today is not that day


do u ever have a thought that’s so fuckin inappropriate that u feel like dumping a bucket of water on urself like. calm down, self. tone it down. think about jesus

every time you hurt me I apologized because I felt guilty for making you feel bad

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Holy shit I could not relate to this more

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It’s possible that every sound that
has ever been
might still be present
to the extent that in radiation we have found a
ghost of an echo that could be
the last note of the universe’s birth
held for an eternity

so every word you say will always
and every flower that wilts will have already
changed how the wind sings and every time
you tell someone “i love you,” it enters
the universe and continues forever
so gunshots and cymbals and kissing your best friend
all rebound in our lives no matter how much we try to
wash our palms of them

but what happens to the things
we don’t say
like every time he got in the car and you
didn’t beg him to come home or
when she danced in the rain and you
didn’t tell her that you had fallen in love
or when the inside of your palms had become
too heavy to hold but you couldn’t cry out for help
lest you hear your own words

what happens to the whispers we forget
to voice what happens to the lovers who wait
in the silence for things that our tongues
cannot find the strength to carry but
our hearts mean more than our
bodies can explain i mean can you still
hear the way i love you because
goddamn sound energy is just vibration
and you make me feel an explosion
in every nerve ending
but every sound we emit exists
for an eternity
so how could i tell you and let it

"I really really felt like I should’ve talked to this guy, but I didn’t and now I’m regretting it.” /// r.i.d

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It’s not that I believe that everything happens for a reason. I just think some things are meant to be broken, imperfect, chaotic. It’s the universe’s way of providing contrast, you know? There have to be a few holes in the road. That’s how life is. If everything was smooth and perfect, you’d get too used to that, you know? You have to have a little disorganization now and then. Otherwise, you’ll never really enjoy it when things go right.

Jensen talking about working at a haunted house


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